The company Vitor Almeirão, Lda. was established in 1996, having Du Vitor as its trademark . Has its own facilities located in the municipality of Santarém-Tremês, Center of Portugal, 85 km from Lisbon in the interior of country.

The company structure includes the commercial department , administrative department and the production department, consisting of dozens of workers and was distinguished in the year of 2013 as a leading company in the sector.

Over the past years we have strengthened our brand and consolidated market share , being nowadays a reference in our sector.

The initial activity was the production and commerce of substrates “in stack” and in pallets with Du Vitor brand in the domestic market . Later the company expanded its product line , currently encompassing a wide range of decorative stone, fertilizers, firewoods, pine bark and substrates.

The main focus of our company is the national market , and is active in other international markets , including Angola , Spain and France.

The longevity and success of the company is due to the skill and dedication of all who are part of it , taking our customers a key role in this process.

The Vitor Almeirão, Lda. is a company with a past , who lives and works in the present , envisaging and innovating the future.

Commerce of Natural Grass Carpet

 The Relva DuVitor Produção, Lda was born in 2008 and started its activity in growing turf carpet.

We are producers of natural grass using the most modern production techniques with high quality standards , using the best global suppliers of seeds , getting tested and certified lots.

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