Pine Bark




The first known information about decorations of gardens in Western culture dates back to ancient Roman gardens. A large number of examples have been found in excavations of the cities of Pompeii and Alexandria. From that time until the present century various styles of garden decorations were popping, particular the Italian Renaissance garden and Garden à la Française were examples of styles of creating formal gardens and landscapes.

The Asian tradition of making garden decorations, often working in conjunction with the principles of Feng Shui, also lost in time. The nearly timeless Chinese gardens, studded with natural rocks and Korean art of stone work, the Japanese Zen gardens with stone symbolic meanings and natural ornamental qualities are also highly appreciated today.

The decoration of gardens with rocks is a clean, economical and low maintenance solution.

Decorations using natural elements such as plants, flowers and stones can give more life to the environments, making them look more pleasant. Besides leaving more “natural” the location, it is also more stylish, simply make the correct combinations.

The stones in the garden are used in many forms and have many meanings. In Eastern culture, stone means knowledge, longevity and especially eternity. The use of stones is considered by the masters in the art of creating gardens as the most difficult to be worked harmoniously element. When a stone is chosen for a garden, height, texture, color, depth, visual motion, everything has to be thought out in advance.

A stone of medium and large size is never placed on top of the land, one must bury part of their structure for her “birth” of the ground and the observer does not know how much of it is beneath the earth, like an iceberg.

Using stones in the garden increases the feeling of an ecosystem that was already present. There are several ways to decorate a garden with stones, whether small or large. They have many functions and can be placed in the beds, in potted plants and flowers, waterfalls, around the fountains and lakes and also to determine paths. Among the most used are the gravels, which give an air of modernity and charm to the space rolled stones are used in pots and beds for example. Already painted stone, is an option for the daring look with different colors.